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Bringing the capital market to rural hospitals

Our Only Business Is Helping Smaller
Hospitals Rebuild and Revitalize

DrumrightHCR takes a unique approach to helping hospital clients gain capital to fund rebuilding. We put our experience with rural health care, the capital market, and our ability to work with rural facility boards and management to work for your best interest.

Currently, there is a substantial premium paid by most hospitals for capital based on the financial markets’ perceived levels of risk. This premium is even more extreme for unrated, small hospitals in rural America. Accordingly, we are in constant communication with various lenders and government agencies that provide or assist in providing financing to rural hospitals so as to find the most appropriate financing for our hospital clients, at the lowest possible cost. And the financial market is constantly changing.

Learn more about the services we provide:

DrumrightHCR’s objective is to help rural hospitals secure this capital to either completely replace or significantly enhance existing facilities. We go into each situation with the open-minded willingness and expertise to explore every avenue possible to meet your needs.

When a smaller hospital faces a large capital need, securing the funds is difficult. We specialize in assisting smaller hospitals develop a plan to replace or significantly enhance their facility, developing the best and most cost effective financing strategy, and supporting the hospital in implementing the plan.

HCR’s directors are former major accounting and consulting firm partners who spent their careers in the health care industry. HCR guides you throughout the entire funding process from analysis and feasibility studies to contractor assistance and more. We help you determine which financing is most appropriate and cost effective for your specific needs and requirements.

Financing options may include:

  • Private bond funds
  • USDA loan guarantees
  • USDA direct governmental loans
  • Private placement with banks or other lenders
  • Taxable bonds
  • Unrated tax-exempt bonds
  • Multi-tiered financing
  • HUD Section 242 Mortgage Insurance

One of the most common mistakes made by rural hospitals in
facility planning is to take on 20–25 year debt for partial renovations that only yield a short term (5-7 year) benefit.

Let HCR bring capital to YOUR hospital. Contact us to learn more about our services.


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